Blog Factory Sweatshop

It has been almost two weeks since my last blog posting… This is a longer break than I wanted to take between posts. The “successful” blogs that I follow would never indulge in such silence! In the blog factory, I am severely behind my quota!

Did you know that most blogs post like two (2) or three (3) times a week!? Many will POST ONCE A DAY!!! Some will even POST MULTIPLE (multiple) TIMES A DAY!!

Who are these poor children slaving away for next to NOTHING?!?! Do they even get a snack break!?

Don’t worry, my factory has much more humane conditions. It still pays zero for zero on the dollar but the benefit package is supreme: we got goldfish crackers for days!!

My export business is not as impressive as my sweatshop counterparts, but it is not that I haven’t been writing. I actually have three, yes three (3), postings that are in process and almost finished.

I am about to excessively flood the markets with my fascinating rhetoric. 😉

While I am writing these three posts, what I really am doing is procrastinating. I am avoiding the one truly compelling subject of my writing: Brooks’ battle with cancer. I will get back into documenting those grim times but I first needed to roll in some absurdity and relish in the everyday aspects of life.

I am broadcasting this now because I feel compelled to share something! By doing so, I get to accomplish two things:
1) I get to say hello.
2) I get to buy myself some more time before my boss, the slave-driving publicist gets all up on my back again!
(Okay, Okkkkkay, I have no such boss…



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The Momstrosity

When life presents ridiculousness, respond proportionately... BLOG ABOUT IT!

2 thoughts on “Blog Factory Sweatshop”

    1. Thanks Lindsay! I have decided to scale it back just a bit for now. I had this crazy idea that I needed to post a new article at least once a week. Now, I’m shooting for a more sustainable once a month publishing. 👍 Thanks so much for reading! 😘


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