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If there is anything that the last year has taught me, it is that there is one word to summarize the strongest force on the planet: MOTHER!

If properly provoked, an unassuming gang of mommies would absolutely annihilate an entire arena filled with the toughest gladiators. The exact incentive to motivate such ruin: protecting their young.

Yes, maternal instinct can that strong.

All this from a girl who wasn’t even sure she wanted to have kids. Children were weird to me… almost bothersome. I was such an awkward duck if ever I was presented with trying to make their acquaintance. I used to look at playgrounds and cringe. Anne Geddes images did nothing for me…


Once I met Max (and then Brooks), this all changed. Feelings that I never had known before came to me and WITH SUCH INTENSITY. The need to safeguard my boys trumped all… Prior to Max and Brooks, the only things I knew how to protect were my beloved feelings. I now know children are God’s most precious gifts; thanks to my own, I have learned the true meaning of love.

When Brooks got sick, I knew there was nothing I wouldn’t do for him. I could have gnashed down beastly men in loin clothes, walked through fire, eaten a thousand live tarantulas, lay down my own life; whatever the cost, I would have paid it just to keep him alive. In the end, I had to do was trust God and walk the path that He laid out for me. (At times, this proved to be just as hard as any of the “more terrifying”  feats listed.)

The point of this is not to talk about my own harrowing acts as Mommysaurus.  The point is to appreciate those around me who are my pinnacles of inspiration. These are women who make my own scarifies possible. There are quite a few mothers whom I love and admire but I am here to talk about MY FRONT LINE of defense, my mom squad, the gang that I wish to have MY BACK… I’m talking about my mom and my mother-in-law!

Deserving the most sincere recognition is my own mommy dearest: Donna Santos. This woman has 38 years worth (40 years according to Max) of holding my hand. She is a superstar whose only wish is to provide lighting for the stage. She has always been my biggest champion. She has mended my wounds, nursed my broken hearts, loved me when I couldn’t love myself…


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My mom has perfected the art of coming to the rescue. There were quite a few years there when my life was filled with some questionable decision making so she has had more than her fair share of opportunity to extricate me from interesting predicaments. 🙂

Most recently, when Brooks was diagnosed with cancer, she dropped everything. She sold her house in Florida, moved to Maryland and rented a small apartment just to be near us in our time of need. She put her life on hold. All this she managed while caring for my step father who has Alzheimer’s. They (she and Pops) showed up everyday to lend us reassurance to Erich and I. They shared their love profusely and doted on the boys non-stop. (Max’s and Brooks’ adoration for Nana runs deep.)  She has generous and easygoing spirit that was essential in helping us to laugh though the hurt.

My mom has always given freely while expecting nothing in return… She has encouraged me in becoming everything good that I am today.

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This Mother’s Day card/tribute to the dominating forces of love is incomplete without sharing my gratitude for the other stellar mom in my life. Defying all the mother-in-law stereotypes, Nancy Cabe ups the ante.

She is sincere, supportive and non-judgmental. She only wants to be helpful!! She is easy to be around and so thoughtful. ❤️ From a daughter-in-law’s perspective, these traits are PURE GOLD!

Her patience, even during discord, is an inspiration. She is keeps her cool when I would be boiling. Her whole demeanor is sublime.

She comes, at the drop of a hat, to our aid. She flew out the very same say as Brooks’ diagnosis. I still remember Erich saying how he needed his mommy that day. Her fortitude and love are profound and WE ALL rely upon her devotion.

She has the endurance of the strongest hearts. “Nana’s” energy for the boys and creativity for their hours of play continues to amaze. When Nana comes to visit, Max and Brooks take full advantage of every waking (and un-waking) hour with her…  (We have dragged her from her slumber on countless occasion.) Though we try to exhaust her spirits, she always has strength for one more game.

All this I can say and more… I haven’t even tapped into her outstanding job of raising the amazing man who is the backbone of this family. (Erich will write that card separately and mail the old fashioned way.)  But on behalf of the East Coast Cabes I can say:

GIPHY (14).gif

In conclusion: maternal instincts run deep in this tribe. Our physiques may be unassuming but our collective force is one that is unmatched.

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