Unlocked and Open (The Introduction Edition)

I kept a diary in middle school. I kept it under lock and key.  I couldn’t let anyone see my INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT SECRET THOUGHTS!  Don’t worry, I will spare you the suspense and summarize what it says… On many of the pages I wrote, “I love Martin Jones!” On many of the other pages I wrote, “I love Aaron Greenwood.”

Luckily for all, especially Erich Cabe (pronounced “Chah-bey” 💓💓💓), my thoughts and interests have grown a bit larger while my sense of importance and need for censorship have significantly dwindled. 
As of today, I’m starting a new diary.  This is it, right here. This is a diary of a woman has been trapped inside for too long (both literally and figuratively)!

Disclosure: I will probably bare my soul to an inappropriate measure. 

I actually meant to start a blog long before Brooks got sick. I meant to start one even before Max was born! A couple special women** in my life blogged and I have long admired their work (words). Long list of excuses made short: I was too lazy to start. When Brooks got sick I channeled my fears into writing. It was meditative and cleansing. Now that Brooks’ health is more stable, I am left with a desire and motivation to write beyond Facebook status updates. 

My family is my muse so I will often be writing about them. My second love is fitness so I will share all my health-related secrets. 😅 I will write about life, fears, getting through dark moments, CANCER, raising boys, staying married, triumphs, losses and finding God through it all. I will not talk politics. I hope you like it.  I know I will certainly enjoy writing it.

First real blog coming soon. I am thinking I will write about fitness and self care even when there is NO TIME!


**My blogger inspirations were my sister, Alexis, and my friend, Katy.  Alexis (not currently blogging) wrote hilarious stories of her life which usually arose from the antics of her children.  Katy, is a friend from Chicago and she gave me love during a time when I was beyond human aid. You can see her work for yourself if so inclined at: http://www.chicagonow.com/i-got-a-dumpster-family/




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